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We’re pleased to provide details of our forthcoming holidays for August 2017. We learnt long ago that if we were to try to cover absolutely every question that anyone would ask about our holidays the brochures would be a foot thick and seriously boring. So instead we prefer to make them concise yet informative, easy to read yet logical and attractive enough to get you in the holiday mood. The text you read here is taken from the brochure but in addition we’re pleased to give you the answers  to the following Frequently Asked Questions. And if your own question (or questions?) isn’t answered here then please don’t hesitate to call us on 01473 621 564 or email us at enquiries@strictlyelvis.net and we’ll be more than happy to get back to you with the answers.




I’ve heard that you are able to match people up to share twin rooms and save them the high cost of singles – can you tell me about this?

Sure can – for many years (decades even) the Elvis Travel Service has offered this option. We have many within the ‘Elvis Family’ who have no-one to travel with and we are happy to link them together. They tend to be mostly ladies (but some men), often single or widowed, and 50+ in age – and if interested in this Room-mate Service we will discuss your likes/dislikes, check if you are a smoker or not and try to find out as much as we can about you so that we can pair you up with a like-minded person of the same sex – usually as close in age as possible. Whilst we can never guarantee total compatibility we’ve had very few failures...on the contrary by pairing people up as Room-mates we’ve started many long- lasting friendships.


I’m recently widowed, have never travelled on my own before and am worried about being lonely on holiday.

You won’t be – the one thing we can assure you of is that no-one needs to be alone on one of our holidays. Whilst we try not to ‘over-organise’ you, our experienced Tour Managers take care to check that you never feel alone. Usually within hours of arriving into Memphis you will have met most of your travelling companions, within the first day or two you’ll all know each others’ names and it is quite usual for our passengers to get together into smaller groups to do and experience things together – visits, meals, shopping etc and if we ever see you or anyone alone then it’s usually the Tour Managers who will  invite you to come with them – perhaps to Marlowes Restaurant for dinner, or for an evening on Beale Street...the latter having become a regular feature of the tours as many guests (and not just singles) may be hesitant to go to Beale by themselves at night.

et back to you with the answers.




I’ve seen many reports on TV about crime in the USA – is it safe to travel there?

Well in truth you’ve probably seen even more reports about crime or terrorism in the UK and Europe and if we worried about all of them then we’d never step out of our front door. Yes, there is crime in the USA, but so there is here too but this rarely affects tourists or is perpetrated in the tourist areas. The trick is to ‘think safe’ – at night to stay in the areas that are well lit, well policed and where there are always lots of people, stay alert (and sober!), not to ‘flash the cash’ and, where possible, stay in groups and not wander around on your own. During Elvis Week in Memphis there is so many organised events  for Elvis fans going on in the Graceland area  that you’ll be able to enjoy those without any fear and when you do want to go further afield remember the Elvis Travel Service offers a free Shuttle Service between the hotels, Graceland and the downtown (Beale Street) area – during the day and also most evenings so you don’t have to rely on public transport.


Do we get to meet people who knew Elvis personally?

Yes, over the years the Elvis Travel Service has introduced our tour groups to more of Elvis’ family, friends and acquaintances than any other organisation and we will continue to do that. However, given their age, we prefer not to place demands on them or their time, and because of this we never ‘guarantee’ their attendance. What we much prefer to do is to have them join the group as a surprise (sometimes it’s a surprise to them too!). These special people have become our friends and they absolutely love our groups, are happy to spend time to chat about their relationship with Elvis, to have photo’s taken with you and to make you feel really welcome.


Why can’t we fly direct to Memphis like you used to do on the early tours?

We wish! Unfortunately there have never been direct scheduled flights to Memphis from the UK as the airlines don’t believe that the market could sustain a regular year-round service. This is being constantly monitored tho’ in the hope that at some time in the future we may have direct flights so that we don’t have to pass through a ‘Gateway’ airport to clear Immigration and Customs and connect onto another flight. The only way of flying direct would be to charter an aircraft but we can no longer charter over the Atlantic on a one way basis (all charters being sold as a ‘there and back’ flight on the same day) which we could in the 70’s and 80’s because the airline would sell the ‘empty leg’ to the US Military for use in moving their personnel between the US Forces bases in Europe and the USA. With so few US Military bases left they no longer have this requirement and the airlines could not afford to fly the plane back empty only to send it out empty 2 weeks or so later to collect us. A great shame as those charters worked well for us (Elvis movies all the way!).


Why should I book with the Elvis Travel Service?

Great question, especially as there may be other organisations offering (or claiming to) ‘Elvis tours’ to Memphis. Well given that we are somewhat biased it might be best to see/read what other people have said about us over the years. If you’re on Facebook go to our page (The Elvis Presley Travel Service/Strictly Elvis) and scroll back to the January and August periods when we have tours to Memphis and beyond, and just read the comments (we’re blushing already). They mean more to us than anything – and say it better than we ever could. However let us just add our reasons why you should travel with us – firstly because we’ve been doing it longer than anyone else....it was our idea to take the first tour group of Elvis fans to see Elvis perform (and to visit all the Elvis sights of Nashville, Tupelo, Memphis, Las Vegas and Hollywood) way back in 1972 and we’ve been doing it every year since. Secondly because we are Elvis fans and know what makes fellow Elvis fans tick...we’re not just some corporate entity for which an Elvis tour is just another string to their bow – with us it’s everything. Thirdly because we really do know our Elvis history (and geography!) as we do serious research into anything and everything associated with Elvis. Just in the past 3 years alone, in addition to visiting Tupelo and Memphis we’ve taken fans to Nashville (Grand Ol’ Opry and RCA’s Studio B), Fort Chaffee (Elvis induction into the US Army),  Shreveport (Louisiana Hayride), New Orleans (King Creole), Miami Beach (Frank Sinatra TV Show appearance), Las Vegas (where Elvis was the biggest draw ever), Palm Springs (Honeymoon house plus another Elvis home), Idyllwild (Kid Galahad), Beverly Hills (Elvis homes) and Hollywood (movies and much, much more). Fourthly because unlike most of the general holiday companies whose ‘so-called’ Elvis Tours are basically their Deep South USA tour but with a visit to Graceland and who tend to stay in Memphis 2 or 3 nights maximum, we always stay for a minimum of 6 nights – and often, as with the 40th Anniversary tours, 7 nights. We have had so many reports from real Elvis fans who made the mistake of booking an ‘Elvis Holiday’ usually from a newspaper advertisement/promotion but then found to their utter dismay just how little there was in the holiday about Elvis. Fortunately most then travel with us for a real Elvis experience. Fifthly  (and finally!), because we believe we offer genuine value for money as we include so much more and we know that a holiday such as this means so much to you that you really shouldn’t take a chance on whether or not it’ll be a success.

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