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Strictly Elvis UK is the UK’s largest Elvis fan organization. Dedicated solely to keeping the legend of Elvis Presley alive and sharing his legacy with fans not only here in the UK but across the globe.


Elvis was unique – his voice, singing style and stage presence will be copied by many but never bettered…in fact no-one even comes close. Which is probably why, some 44 years after his untimely passing, his music is still with us and he is still making new fans as more and more people discover his unbelievable talent.


Founded back in 1972 as the Elvis Travel Service we had 5 glorious years of taking large groups of fans to the USA  to see Elvis perform in Las Vegas and whilst on tour but, in an instant on 16th August 1977, our world stopped. But not for long. Elvis’ music will never die – and nor would the legend that was Elvis Presley. His music is very much alive; his concert performances and movies are ‘in the can’ for future generations to enjoy; his generosity was legendary, as was his sense of fun. He had the looks, and the style, the charisma that made girls want to be with him, and men aspire to be like him – and throughout his career, his Army Service and as a family man, he was an ideal role model.

And his fan base has never waned – in fact in recent years it has started to rise in number as new generations of people throughout the world are discovering Elvis. His music is still as fresh as the day it was recorded and, as far as his fans are concerned, Elvis is, and forever will be, just 42 years old.


The Elvis Travel Service continues to take Elvis fans to the USA – visiting his humble birthplace in Tupelo, his beautiful Graceland mansion home in Memphis and, in fact, all of the sights associated with his life. We also incorporate visits to other parts of the USA which have an Elvis connection – such as New Orleans where he filmed King Creole, Nashville home of the Grand Ole Opry and where he recorded many hit records at RCA’s famous Studio B, Las Vegas where he truly was ‘King of the Strip’, Miami Beach where, upon leaving the US Army he was a guest on the Frank Sinatra TV Show, Palm Springs where Elvis and Priscilla spent their Honeymoon plus lots of other places including Hawaii, Elvis’ favourite holiday destination and location for many of his movies. As the acknowledged experts in Elvis holidays in addition to our Stateside holidays we also organize trips to Bad Nauheim in Germany where Elvis was based whilst in the Forces, as well as weekend and weeklong holidays in the UK – all packed with Elvis….of course!


Strictly Elvis UK was formed to partner the Elvis Travel Service simply because we don’t just arrange holidays – we organize Concerts, Film Festivals, Charity Balls and are determined to keep Elvis’ legacy alive. Strictly Elvis UK is completely independent yet is registered to, and works closely with, Elvis Presley Enterprises at Graceland. Most important though, it is run by Elvis fans – for Elvis fans. No barriers, no elitism, no ‘politics’ and ideal for all ages with activities to suit all tastes and pockets. It is not a Club so there are no dues to pay or rejoin dates to remember.  We send out regular Newsletters and Updates to all of our ‘Strictly Elvis family’ for no charge whatsoever. We also have a very active Facebook Page (visit us at The Elvis Presley Travel Service/Strictly Elvis) and on Twitter. These are both informative and, we hope, amusing, and will keep you up to date with all that’s happening on the Elvis scene in the UK. Above all Strictly Elvis UK engenders ‘fun’ – we enjoy everything we do and we’re sure you will too.





It has been my pleasure to travel with the Elvis Travel Service many times. The knowledge and attention to detail by the Travel Service is second to none.  They always go the extra mile to make sure everyone on their holidays has the best Elvis experience possible.  I am from Australia and wanted to experience Memphis and Elvis Week with some great people and I couldn't have met any better.  I was made to feel so welcome on every trip and even made an honorary Brit on my most recent tour!!! 


  • G. BAENSCH (Australia)


In August 1975 I made my first trip abroad and joined a huge group of European fans.

We  visited Nashville, Tupelo, Memphis, Los Angeles and San Francisco, but the main reason for this trip was to see Elvis perform at the Hilton in Las Vegas.

Almost another 20 years later I bought an American Elvis book and learned about the Elvis Weeks in Memphis. What is an Elvis Week? What is a Candlelight Vigil? Again I got in touch with David and in August 1993 I visited Graceland and attended a Candlelight Vigil for the first time. I returned in August 1997, January 2005, August 2007 and August 2012.

Without David’s support I would have never been able to be so close to Elvis and everything that´s part of him. I dared to travel by myself because I feel safe when I travel with David. Needless to say, I encourage all Elvis fans around the world, especially those who are alone, to join any of the Elvis Travel Service trips. So thank you Elvis Travel Service for taking care of me!

And thank you David Wade and his amazing team for being there when I needed you. Hope to see you again soon!


  • E. BLAJER (Argentina)


I first visited Memphis independently, in 2004. I believed that I could have my Elvis fix in one visit. Rather naively I was of the opinion that I could cover all the relevant Elvis sites in five days and would never need to return to Memphis. I could not have been more wrong. memphis had captured my heart and sparked my imagination. Once would not be enough and I knew that Memphis held more secrets and mysteries, which I could not discover alone.

I first travelled with the Elvis Travel Service for the 30th Anniversary. We visited Tupelo and Memphis on this occasion. It did not take me long to realise that I had missed, so much on my first visit (I now call my 2004 visit my Elvis taster). Finally I got the opportunity to really capture the essence of Elvis and his amazing achievements.

I have so many fantastic memories and experiences with The Elvis Travel Service (I could fill a book, to be honest), but what we enjoy the most is the fact that we get the opportunity to meet and spend time with like minded Elvis fans. It is described, as an Elvis family and I would have to agree with this sentiment. It is wonderful to return on these holidays, to renew friendships, and to make new friends. I give thanks to the main man, Elvis Presley, but also the devoted staff at the Elvis Travel Service. Thank you all for giving us the opportunity to visit these wonderful places and to make memories, which will last a lifetime.


  • J & V KEAG (Ireland)




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