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Elvis and the Colonel by Greg McDonald and Marshall Terrill


Colonel Tom Parker, often reviled in his time, led the strategy from the earliest days of Elvis's career.

Together, they built the most legendary partnership in show business. For the first time, Colonel Parker's story is told by an insider, Greg McDonald, who worked under Parker for years. Never-before-heard stories of Parker's collaboration with Elvis reveal the man behind the legend and the strategies that made Elvis a commercial groundbreaker.

Ingrained lore has it that Parker took advantage of 'poor country boy' Elvis to sign the singer who became 'The King'. But Elvis and the Colonel shows that Elvis was not foolish when it came to business arrangements. This book is full of stories of innovations Parker made with his star client, including: --ingenious merchandising (eg, selling both 'I love Elvis' and 'I hate Elvis' buttons) --licensing and branding, from suits to toys, ashtrays to guitars --establishing The King as an artist-in-residence in Las Vegas --creating televised concert events, like Elvis' Christmas special Many of the practices Parker established are still deployed today by most major agencies. Parker's experience as a carny and an immigrant shaped his management style when he was at his peak, showing how he adapted big top practices to the big time.

The heart of Elvis and the Colonel is the long, strong, warm and complex relationship between two iconic men.


A book that breaks down the myths - this is a must read


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Come on in, Young Man! by Hal Lansky and Julie Lansky 


'Come on in, Young Man!' is a children's book (although fans of all ages will love it!) that tells the story of Elvis and Bernard Lansky, the legendary Memphis tailor who gave Elvis his unique style.
Come on in, young man were the words that Bernard said to the young man looking in his shop window on Beale Street. It was with this gesture of kindness that led to a friendship that lasted a lifetime and gave that young man the confidence he needed to dress and perform in his own style. A distinct style that would change the world forever when that young man became famous and the name Elvis Presley was known across the globe.
This fabulous hardback book with dust jacket, was written by Bernard's son Hal Lansky (who many of you will know from meeting him on our tours) and Hal's daughter Julie - who to this day carry on the Lansky name of tradition and style.
All copies signed by the authors 

Price: £16.95 (includes P&P)

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Baby, Let's Play House by Alanna Nash 



Thirty-three years after his death, Elvis Presley's extraordinary physical appeal, timeless music, and sexual charisma continue to captivate, titillate, and excite. Though hundreds of books have been written about the King, no book has solely explored his relationships with women and how they influenced his music and life . . . until now.

Based largely on exclusive interviews with the many women who knew him in various roles--lover, sweetheart, friend, costar, and family member--Baby, Let's Play House presents Elvis in a new light: as a charming but wounded Lothario who bedded scores of women but seemed unable to maintain a lasting romantic relationship. While fully exploring the most famous romantic idol of the twentieth century, award-winning veteran music journalist Alanna Nash pulls back the covers on what Elvis really wanted in a woman and was tragically never able to find.


All copies signed by the author 


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Elvis and the Memphis Mafia by Alanna Nash


A monumental oral biography filled with raucous joy, aching loss and terrible poignancy, Elvis & the Memphis Mafia is the first book to capture the King – the man and the phenomenon – in his full complexity. Through revealing interviews with three of Elvis’s closest friends, who were also his protectors and rescuers, Nash achieves the first true mapping of Elvis’s psyche.

Billy Smith – Elvis’s first cousin and the person he reputedly loved most after his own mother – Marty Lacker – best man at his wedding and foreman of the ‘Memphis Mafia’, the King’s handpicked group of gatekeepers and confidants – and Lamar Fike – the touring crew member who accompanied him into the Army – were with Elvis from his teens to his final days and provide unique access to the greatest of all rock and roll legends. The revelations cut through every aspect of Elvis’s life, from the childhood seeds of his drug dependency, through his fear for his mother’s life.

No one who reads this symphonic blending of three proud, ribald, sad and ultimately wistful voices can fail to be profoundly moved.


All copies signed by the author 


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Little People, Big Dreams by Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara and Ana Albero 


 In this book from the critically acclaimed, multimillion-copy bestselling Little People, BIG DREAMS series, discover the life of Elvis, the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

Elvis was born into poverty in North Mississippi, a place where opportunities were a rare thing to see. Still, he felt that someday, somehow, something amazing would happen. When he sang in a school talent show, he realised that singing was all he wanted to do with his life.

He had just finished high school when he plucked up the courage and walked through the doors of Sun Studios, ready to record his first song. After this came hit after hit, and he popularised a new genre of music that mixed all kinds of different styles. That genre was Rock 'n' Roll, and it would take the world by storm!

All the great artists that came after him still look up to little Elvis, the King of Rock 'n' Roll, the unique and irreplaceable artist who changed the course of music history. This inspiring book features stylish and quirky illustrations and extra facts at the back, including a biographical timeline with historical photos and a detailed profile of the music legend’s life.

Little People, BIG DREAMS is a bestselling biography series for kids that explores the lives of outstanding people, from designers and artists to scientists and activists. All of them achieved incredible things, yet each began life as a child with a dream.

This empowering series of books offers inspiring messages to children of all ages, in a range of formats. The board books are told in simple sentences, perfect for reading aloud to babies and toddlers. The hardback and paperback versions present expanded stories for beginning readers. With rewritten text for older children, the treasuries each bring together a multitude of dreamers in a single volume. You can also collect a selection of the books by theme in boxed gift sets. Activity books and a journal provide even more ways to make the lives of these role models accessible to children.

Inspire the next generation of outstanding people who will change the world with Little People, BIG DREAMS!


A perfect gift for your Grandchildren 



Price: £11.95 (includes P&P)


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Elvis: Safe and Sound by Dick Grob


Dick Grob first met Elvis in 1967, when Elvis was on his honeymoon in Palm Springs, California. At the time, Dick was a Palm Springs Police Officer and was assigned to provide personal protection to the 'Star'. Thus began a friendship that lasted for more than ten years.

Dick is no stranger to the field of personal protection. During his career, Dick has worked with the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies, including the U.S. State Department, providing protection to very high profile dignitaries, including U.S Presidents and Vice Presidents, and protection for foreign heads of state such as Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia, England’s Prince Phillip, and Deputy Prime Minister Yigal Ailon of Israel when they visited Palm Springs. Palm Springs was the playground of the 'stars and dignitaries', many of whom Dick provided personal security, and Elvis was no exception.


After providing security to Elvis during his visits to Palm Springs, Elvis made Dick 'an offer he could not refuse' as his full time personal bodyguard and eventually Elvis’ Chief of Security. In this capacity, Dick planned the security for all of his concert tours, appearances, and vacations to locations like Vail, Colorado and Hawaii. Dick was responsible for the safety of not only Elvis, but for his daughter, Lisa Marie, and the rest of Elvis’ family.


'Elvis Safe & Sound', Dick’s new book, tells some of the stories experienced by the author over his ten year relationship with Elvis. Not only was Dick Elvis’ bodyguard and Chief of Security, he was Elvis’ close personal friend. Some of his stories are funny; some are scary; other’s just plain interesting.

'Elvis Safe & Sound' is jammed-packed with Dick’s personal descriptive accounts of his time with Elvis. It includes documents from Dick’s personal archives as well as rare, never before seen photos of Elvis on stage, and copyrighted documents and photos (in color and black and white).


'Elvis Safe & Sound' is a great narration of Dick’s authentic and personal time while he kept 'Elvis Safe & Sound'.


Low Stock - this book will not be re-printed, don't miss out


Price: £34.95 (includes P&P)

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Elvis Style by Zoey Goto


Elvis Style is a celebration of the aesthetic world of Elvis Presley. As one of the most significant pop icons of the 20th century, Elvis’s impact on the music world has been widely discussed and analysed. Surprisingly, however, his influence on design and fashion remains largely overlooked. Elvis Style investigates why Elvis was, and continues to be, an icon of style, focusing on his wonderfully expressive hairstyles, clothes, cars, and interiors. Elvis Style offers the reader an intriguing and insightful journey though the crazy, cool and at times kitsch world of a true megastar. Contemporary design experts have been interviewed to offer fresh insights into Elvis’s style choices. These include Sex and the City stylist Patricia Fields, costume designer Deborah Nadoolman Landis (Michael Jackson’s Thriller) Oscar-winning costume designer Mark Bridges (The Artist), the British celebrity hairdresser Trevor Sorbie, Andy Lecompte (Madonna’s hairstylist), Savile Row tailor Edward Sexton, Andy Spade (Jack Spade and Kate Spade brands) academics from the University of Mississippi, the Victoria & Albert Museum, George Barris (creator of the Batmobile and Elvis’s personal car-customiser) and Hal Lansky of Lansky Brothers (Elvis’s favourite tailoring house) who has also provided the foreword for Elvis Style. Elvis Style includes around 150 photos, many of which are full colour and show rarely seen before Elvis-worn garments, interiors and cars from Elvis’s extensive private collection.




Price: SOLD OUT 

Leaves of Elvis' Garden by Larry Geller


The Most Revealing Elvis Book You'll Ever Read

Literally hundreds of books and millions of words have been written about the phenomenon that was Elvis Presley. None even approaches what is revealed in this one - because this is the one story Elvis made Larry Geller promise to tell. It was Larry who sat in meditation with Elvis for hours at a time or for brief moments before a show. It was Larry whom Elvis could talk with about his deepest beliefs. And so, Larry became one of Elvis' closest confidants. He knew a side of Elvis that few others knew, and fewer understood.

Many books tell what Elvis did. This one tells what Elvis believed. When you plumb the depths of Elvis' soul as it is revealed here, you will understand the real Elvis. You will know him, and very likely, love him even more.
You will read passages from his favorite books, with quotes and pictures of the philosophers and spiritual thinkers he admired: Paramahansa Yogananda, Kahlil Gibran and many others. You will view photographs of never-before-seen actual pages from some of those books, including The Prophet, with notes and comments in his own handwriting. Maybe best of all, you will listen in on intimate conversations that Elvis and Larry shared on a myriad of subjects over the years, including his feelings about the women in his life, the future of his career and life after death.
All copies have been personally signed by Larry Geller

Elvis, We'll Remember You by Ed Bonja


We'll Remember You' by Ed Bonja is hardback book that contains many unseen photos of the King of Rock 'n' Roll and is limited to 1000 copies. Photos for this publication were taken by Ed Bonja, who worked as Tour Manager and Official Photographer from 1970 to 1977. During that period he took some 10,000 photos of Elvis and various happenings in conjunction with the tours and engagements. Ed's photos were routinely used on all kinds of souvenir materials promoting Elvis' tours, Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe engagements. In addition, most photos used on the single and LP covers from the 70's are from Ed. 'Elvis : We'll Remember You' covers years 1970-1975 including various tours, photos from Las Vegas Hilton Engagements and photos of crew members and musicians alike.

The book is divided in four different categories. These chapters allow you to take a look also behind the scenes. Over 200 full color pages, we see Elvis meeting fans, on and off stage, sometimes receiving gifts and awards. Roadies can be seen taking care of business and helping the organization their own way, as well as Colonel Parker relaxing at his home in Palm Springs or playing Santa for Hilton employees children. Included are the photos Ed took at Graceland when went there to take pictures for the live album cover. Not to forget The King himself, you'll see Elvis on stage doing what he loved to do, entertaining.

Text in the book is in both Finnish and English, which makes this book international. Naturally, photos speak for themselves and cross all language barriers. Ed is a fantastic story teller and his vivid memories are integral part of this book. This is not an ordinary photo-album-style book, this is a photographic essay which tells the Elvis story in many ways, particularly through the lens of Ed Bonja.


Price: £23.95 (includes P&P) - LOW STOCK, ORDER SOON


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Music Lessons by Norbet Putnam


IT WAS THE SUMMER OF 1957, and 15-year-old Norbert Putnam was hunkered down with his father behind their garage in Florence, Alabama. Norbert had started playing bass in a local band and his father was dead set against it so he had pulled his young son aside to reveal a dark secret from his past - he had once played “that damned old bass” in the Beale Street bars of Memphis. He recalled the shootings, gambling, wild women, reefer heads, dirty hotel rooms, lack of pay . . . all recited with tremendous gusto, in an effort to frighten young Norbert. He wanted to convince him to pursue the path to college and a “normal, happy life.” The young man tried to remain still in an effort to withhold his excitement as visions of Memphis and music danced in his head. In spite of his father's intentions, at that moment an opposite decision was made. Norbert Putnam vowed, then and there, to devoted his life to the pursuit of music.


Fast forward almost 50 years, and Norbert Putnam, after a sterling career, is still immersed in the  business of music. He resides, once again, in Florence, Alabama with his lovely wife of 27 years, Sheryl, and their beautiful and devoted poodles, Sophie and Gracie.

With the release this year of his first memoir, “Music Lessons” he looks back on a career unrivaled in its diversity. As a studio musician, he was one of the original Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section players, helping creating the famous “Muscle Shoals sound” and putting this small Alabama town on the map with the 1962 Arthur Alexander hit, “You Better Move On.” Backing up Tommy Roe, The Righteous Brothers and four other American acts, they opened for The Beatles when the lads played their first American concert on February 11, 1964 in Washington, DC. After moving to Nashville in 1965 Norbert played bass on over 9,000 tracks with the likes of Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton, Roy Orbison, George Harrison, Henry Mancini, Al Hirt, Linda Ronstadt, JJ Cale, Tony Joe White, The Monkees, and many others.


Told with Norbert Putnam’s affable storytelling style, “Music Lessons” is at once a warm and laugh-out-loud funny romp through music history, packed with stories about some of the greatest musicians in the business. 




Elvis in Paris by Jean Marie Pouzenc


A special edition softback limited edition jubilee edition of the book 'Elvis In Paris' that highlights Elvis' visit to Paris in 1959. The release by the French Elvis My Happiness fan club in collaboration with LMLR is a 60-year anniversary edition of the book Elvis à Paris. This new softback edition is a luxury edition with more than 400 photos and memorabilia, including newly discovered documents and testimonials. The English text tells about the visits of Elvis Presley. 


Elvis visit to Paris was an extraordinary event; he was drafted with the US forces in Germany, but the capital city of France is the only place, outside the United States, that he went to on his own. And more surprisingly yet, he did so three times!

In June and July 1959 then in January 1960. He will later often confide in his friends that these visits to Paris will always remain one of his best memories.

With 160 pages… you will see The King in Paris… at The Champs-Élysées, at the press conference at The Hotel Prince de Galles, during nights out at the Folies- Bergères, the Moulin Rouge and The Lido.


A fantastic book at a fantastic price.


Price: £24.95 (includes P&P) - LOW STOCK, ORDER SOON


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Taking Care of Elvis by Letitia 'Tish' Henley Kirk



I was Elvis' nurse from 1968 to 1977. Not only was he my patient, but a dear and close friend. For many years, I never entertained the thought of a book by me; however, I attended an Elvis event in 2012 and had my eyes opened to the hunger that the caring, loving, loyal and dedicated fans have for knowledge of Elvis as a person in normal, everyday settings. I do hope this book of short stories opens your mind and spirit to the loving, caring, and intelligent personality of your idol and friend, Elvis Presley.


Price: £25.95 (includes P&P)

Elvis Remembered by Letitia 'Tish' Henley Kirk 


Tish Henley Kirk, was Elvis Presley’s nurse who lived on the Graceland property in a trailer with her late husband Tommy Henley. She worked for Dr. Nick at the Medical Group and she first met Elvis in 1968. When Elvis was on tour Tish also went on tour. Elvis gave Tish a TLC necklace.


As Tish says in this new book of her memoirs "Relaxing or performing Elvis was the best friend to me ever. I was so blessed to know so many facets of his personality. God created only one Elvis and He put me with him. I was and am so blessed. Now I'm blessed to be friends with so many of his fans."


Price: £25.95 (includes P&P)

Elvis, The Man in my Backyard by Shirley Connell


A unique and interesting book 'Elvis, The Man in my Backyard' tells the story of Elvis' neighbour at Graceland. 

Personal stories reveal the off-stage side of Elvis in a way never told before. From visiting Elvis at home in Graceland, to hanging out with him at the Fairgrounds and all-night movie showings, this book shows a different side of Elvis.


All copies signed by Shirley Connell







Bill Morris: A Legendary Life by William N Morris, Jnr


ln this book, William N. (Bill) Morris, Jr. shares his compelling journey from the depths of poverty to the heights of Tennessee politics. Elected as one the youngest sheriffs in Tennessee history, Morris transformed what was once an undisciplined and often corrupt sheriff's department into one of the most respected law enforcement agencies in the nation. When Sheriff Morris took James Earl Ray into custody for the 1968 killing of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Memphis, Morris and his staff instituted new jail procedures to protect Ray from potential assassins. His efforts brought national acclaim from law enforcement officials, including a personal recognition from FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

From 1978 to 1994, Morris served four terms as Shelby County Mayor. Traveling the globe with Governors Alexander and McWherter, he promoted tourism with Memphis In May, Beale Street and Elvis' Graceland. He also sold the concept of Memphis as America's Distribution Center, helping to bring foreign businesses such as Sharp Manufacturing and Nissan Motor Company to Tennessee. His work promoting foreign trade earned him a seat on Pres. Ronald Reagan's International Economic Committee.
Morris became a close friend and companion of Elvis Presley, deputizing Elvis and members of his "Memphis Mafia" in 1965. Morris was also one of a few close associates to participate in a never,                                                                                            publicized secret seance in an attempt to communicate with Elvis immediately after his death.


                                                                      All copies signed by Bill Morris 
                                                       Price: £27.95 (includes P&P)

Strictly Elvis Pin Badge


Show the world you're part of the Strictly Elvis Family with this fabulous pin badge.


These fantastic enamel badges look great on a jacket, jumper, bag or lapel. 


Priced at just £5.95 (including P&P) 


2015 US Postal Service Stamps


Genuine postal stamps of Elvis' second appearance on a USPS Stamp. These fabulous collectors items were released in the USA in 2015 and Strictly Elvis have a supply of them. Each stamp comes mounted on a special collectors card, perfect for displaying or framing. Supplies are limited - order today. 


£2.50 per mounted stamp (includes P&P)


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